Dear friends of Harp music,

Happy New Year! Hope this finds you well and rested after the Holidays.

We had a wonderful time off with the kids, took time off from teaching and performing over Christmas and new Year with the exception of playing New Year’s Eve dinner music at MU Club. December went by fast, Harp and Healing on December 4th saw about 150 people when artist Vesna Delevska created a beautiful  painting during this hour of slow and soothing Christmas Carols. We had a anonymous donor come forward and buy the painting for BBC. So it will be on display for future Harp and Healing services!

That said, we plan to have Harp and Healing tomorrow at 5.30pm at the Loft of Broadway Christian Church. It’s a service filled with hope, healing and breath and at the same time place and time for sorrow, tears and prayers. Join us in this quiet nondenominational service, come light a candle for your concern or for your loved ones. Pastor Terry Overfelt makes us feel at peace each and every month and I try my best to contribute to that by therapeutic and sacred harp music.

Other than that January is generally pretty quiet month for me.

My husband’s and my students will be performing at our studio cello and harp recital on Saturday the 26th at 3PM at Broadway Christian Church, in case you are interested.

I will be performing out of town with the MU Wind Ensemble this month in Saint Louis on the January 18th and at the MMEA conference at the Lake of the Ozarks on the 24th.

I will also be one of the vendors at the Wedding Show at the Holiday Inn on January 20th, playing along with my flutist Brooksie Collins and promoting our music for wedding ceremonies.

I have recorded some new videos and will do my best to use the downtime in January to post them on my YouTube channel. So if you are interested please check it out and subscribe.


Thank you for your support of my music!